Between the

Pan American Academy of Engineering (API)
and the
Latin American & Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI)

Scope of the Agreement

This agreement establishes the foundation for continued mutual collaboration and cooperation between the named organizations and affirms their shared interest in enhancing engineering education and promoting the engineering profession in the Americas. It also acknowledges the importance to the partner organizations of the enhancement of the social and economic benefits of engineering education. Quality assurance, research, innovation, and professional services are essential for global economic and sustainable development and contribute significantly to global social wellbeing. Each signatory participant has established independent and proven track records and initiatives in engineering education, and in research and development, and each agrees on the following goals:

  • To promote the professional, educational and research development of world class engineers,
  • To enhance engineering education and to support engineering academia under global quality assurance and program accreditation processes,
  • To promote and develop continuing educational programs, extension services, and lifelong learning activities to support lifelong productivity enhancement to strengthen enterprise competitiveness,
  • To work toward meeting world demand for global engineers committed to solving problems of society,
  • To build bridges for networking and resource sharing between industry, professionals, governments, academia, and the civil society to meet the challenges for developing global engineers to impact worldwide economic development,
  • To promote the sustainability values and proactive actions on behalf of forthcoming generations,
  • To envision and carry out collaborative efforts and activities for the benefits of all,
  • To help enhance social, political, and professional equity, justice, and welfare and provide opportunities for those underrepresented in the global engineering community,
  • To promote job creation and alleviate poverty,
  • To jointly seek funding to support all activities related to engineering, and
  • To broadly disseminate worldwide this agreement and attract other interested partners into this partnership.

Signed virtually, on the twelfth day of November of 2020,

Reginald Vachon, President
Academia Panamericana de Ingeniería (API)

Miguel Angel Sossa, President
Latin American & Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI)

  • Important Note: The success of this agreement between API & LACCEI depends on the interest, active voluntary participation, and proactive contribution of the API BOD Members and of the Members of API at large, to the various goals listed in the signed agreement.

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